Want to see some Coin Magic? Here are links of favorite videos sent by fellow Magicians. Have a video you want to share? Send the link it to us at realcoinmagic@gmail.com


Shoot Ogawa is amazing. If you see him in person you won't believe your eyes. Go to Deans Shop and you may see him there.

Shoot Ogawa 3 Coins Across

David Roth is one of the world's best coin magicians. He has many DVD's out that teach coin magic. See his Hanging Coins routine.

Hanging Coins

Dean Dill is a great coin magician and probably one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is so gracious and really makes you feel welcome if you meet him. If you are ever in L.A. go visit him at Dean's Shop. You won't regret it. See his isolation routine. Learn it in his Extreme Dean Video.

Extreme Dean Isolation


Dr. Michael Rubinstein is a walking encyclopedia of coin magic. His knowledge of the genre is without limits and his skill with coins borders on sheer perfection. He has some great DVD's out and he is a very good instructor. See his Fusion Trick.


Mike Gallo is one of the better known members of the so-called magic underground and is highly respected by knowledgeable magicians the world over.He has a great sense of humor and always manages to put a special twist on his effects that even fools the best magicians. If you get to Buffalo look him up.

Coins and Cylinder

Slydini - Tony Slydini was one of the first to show close-up magic as an art in itself rather than as a lead-in to bigger and grander illusions. Reportedly, Dick Cavett once asked Dai Vernon who could still fool him. His answer: nobody but Slydini

Slydini on Dick Cavett Show

John Carney is no ordinary "magician". His approach is smart, engaging and always surprising. He is widely acknowledged as one of the top sleight of hand magicians in the world. He performs at the Magic Castle once in a while and if you can go see him you won't regret it See his Silver and Glass routine.

Silver and Glass

Rannie Raymundo is a not only a Magician but an accomplished musician. He started playing the drums at age 3, piano at age 4 and guitar at age 5. He started magic at the age of 7. He is multi talented and has some awesome coin routines.

One Coin Routine

Curtis Kam is a rarity in an odd field-a general practitioner of specialty entertainment. His "Palms of Steel" video is a joy to watch. Curtis has traveled all over the world performing his magic. He also has written many books.

Inverted Matrix

Homer Liwag got his start in Magic in Indiana performing close up, stand up and bar magic at the popular Illusions Restaurant. He has written many books and in 1994 joined the David Copperfield tour. He has some awesome coin routines.


Sylvester the Jester and his human cartoon act is iconic but he is also known by coin prestidigitators for his Syvester pitch. Hard to master and extremely deceptive. I have seen him up close and it is just as good as in the video.

Sylvester Pitch

Chris Kenner in his first career as a close-up magician, although now known more as a comedy magician, Chris Kenner was one of those rare individuals who was not only proficient, but highly influential in both card magic and coin magic.

3 Fry

Vinny Marini has been dubbed as the "Godfather of Magic". He inspires magicians to perform at a higher level through his creativity and sharing concepts with others.


Micahel Amrrar is not only a great Magician but a great teacher. He takes you through every step of a routine on his instructional DVD's with explainations that can be understood performed if practiced. His introduction to Coin Magic is a great DVD for starters.

Intro to Coin Magic

Mickey Silver Most magicians all do the same effects. The magic Mickey performs is so unique it even fools his magician friends. There is only one Mickey Silver. Don't be fooled by anyone else .

Human Slot Machine

Steve Dusheck is the inventor of hundreds of original magic effects for professional magicians, including Wunderbar and Waltzing Matilda. His book Dushenck 's Coin Magic is worth a look at. He is the inventor of the Digital Disolve.

Digital Disolve


Ponta the Smith is a machine. The first time his videos showed up on Youtube people thought he was using trick photograpy. Not the case all his stuff is real and done with no gaffs. He just realeased his first DVD called "Sick".

Winged Silver


Troy Hooser is the inventor of many great magic effects and has published his work in major magic magazines around the world. Linking Ring, Magic Man Examiner, Trapdoor, The Minotaur and his own self-published book Destroyers. His ShellRaiser DVD is a must for those who use an expanded shell.


MB - Marion Boykin started doing magic as a kid after seeing his grandfather doing coin tricks. He has been doing magic ever since and loves to share his magic with everyone. You can see his many videos at Vinnymarini.com

MB's $1000 "My Fly"

Crimp Karate Coin

Tim Feher is known for amazing routines that flow beautifully with classic slights that are doable but you will need to practice. He gives you great views and explanation on making the magic work along with good thought as to how to present it and make it look as sweet as tea. You can see his many videos at Vinnymarini.com.

Somethin From Nothin

One Coin 2.0