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This is a list of coin magic in stock. This list will be updated frequently so please check back with me often. Prices do not include shipping. Please e-mail me at realcoinmagic@gmail.com with your order request and questions. You will be quoted shipping cost based on your location and delivery preferences.

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If you have any coins you would like to sell contact us and I will buy them from you. I will buy Schoolcraft, Lassen, Johnson and other quality Gaffed coin sets. Please send an email with a detailed descripion of what you have with pictures and we will contact you with our buy prices.

Realcoinmagic Silver Collection


Custom Walking Liberty Copper Silver Brass Johnson

This very limited production set is custom made out of Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar, East Africa Dime and Peru Uno De Sol Llama coin. There are very view of these ever made by Johnson.

Price: $180


Walking Liberty Custom Hopping Half Set Johnson

Thi special production set was custom made out of Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollars and Irish Pennies. There were 2 of them made. Both shells have teflon inserts and the Sun and Moon coin is a perfect fit.

Price: $250




Walking Liberty Expanded Shell Set

This beautiful set comes with a Johnson Walking Liberty Expanded Shell and 4 coins matching Half dollars. This set is soft and naturally aged. There is a Teflon Insert in the shell for soft nesting. Each coin fits perfectly in the shell. All the coins have mathing dates.

Price $180



Morgan Expanded Shell Set

Beautiful Expanded shell set made of a Morgan Expanded shell and 4 Morgan Silver Dollars. The shell has a Teflon Insert for soft nesting. The coins all fit the shell perfectly. All coins are naturally aged and are great for coin assemblies, coins through table, 3Fly, Coin 1 and other effects with Shell.

Price $350


Schoolcraft 3CM

The 3CM is one of the finest and most deceptive coin Gaffs out there. The coins nest perfectly and go from 1 to 3 coins and back to 1 coin right before the spectators eyes. The routines you can do with this Gaff are endless.

Price: $450



Video Demo


Schoolcraft 3CF

The 3CF is a variation of the 3CM with an addition of a Flipper as the Botom Coin in the nest. This one is soft, has really nice patinia and is a beutuful set.

Price: $525





Schoolcraft Barber Dean's Set

This is a really beautiful Barber Dean's set. The Shell is non-expanded and re-milled The coins are shaved and re-milled to all fit into the shell. The re-milling of the coins makes them easy to classic palm and because they are buttery soft they are silent and easy to work with.

Price: $310


1964 Kennedy Expanded Shell Set

Set comes with Johnson 1964 Kennedy expanded Shell and 4 coins. There is a Teflon Insert in the shell for soft nesting. Each coin fits perfectly in the shell.

Price: $150



Schoolcraft Gravity Flipper Coin Walking Liberty

The best flipper coin out there. Bottom drops out by gravity. No need to shake it out. Innovative design and easy to perform coins across routines. There are no rubber bands to change as the new permanent lastic system is used.

Price: $120


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