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This is a list of the Realcoinmagic.com Coin Magic collection that is for sale. Prices do not include shipping. Please e-mail me at realcoinmagic@gmail.com with your order request and questions. You will be quoted shipping cost based on your location and delivery preferences.

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If you have any coins you would like to sell contact me and I may buy them from you. I will buy Schoolcraft, Lassen, Johnson and other quality Gaffed coin sets. Please send an email with a detailed description of what you have with pictures and I will contact you if I am interested


All Custom Silver Coins and Shells are made of real Silver they are not replicas!!

Custom Silver Dollar Gaffs

Jamie Schoolcraft Morgan Expanded Shell Set

Beautiful Expanded shell set made of a Morgan Expanded shell and 4 Morgan Silver Dollars. The coins all fit the shell. Coins are soft and naturally aged. This set is great for coin assemblies, coins through table, 3Fly, Coin 1 and other affects with Shell.


Price $425

Jamie Schoolcraft Morgan Expanded Shells

Naturally Aged Soft Morgan Expanded Shell. Match your own coins to make your own Expanded Shell set.


Price $175

Johnson Custom Morgan Expanded Shells

Not as pricey but don't let that fool you. Johnson makes high quality Expanded shells. Build your own Expanded shell set. These shells have allot of detail and are not tarnished.

Price $125

More Jamie Schoolcraft Coins


Schoolcraft Walking Liberty Expanded Shell Set

This beautiful set comes with a Walking Liberty Expanded Shell and 4 Walking Liberty half dollars. This set is soft and naturally aged. Each coin fits perfectly in the shell.

Price $240


Schoolcraft Walking Liberty Expanded Shell

Naturally aged and beautiful. Build your own Expanded shell set with with your own Walking Liberty Half dollars.

Price $95

Schoolcraft Gravity Flipper Coins

The best flipper coin out there. Bottom drops out by gravity. No need to shake it out. Innovative design and easy to perform coins across routines.


Walking Liberty Flipper $120


Morgan Dollar Flipper $250


Johnson Products Custom Silver Collection

Custom Walking Liberty Copper Silver Brass Johnson Products

This very limited production set is custom made out of Silver Walking Liberty Half Dollar, East Africa Dime and Peru Uno De Sol Llama coin. There are very view of these ever made by Johnson.


Price $180

Johnson Products Custom Copper/Silver Brass 64 Kennedy

Beautiful CSB set out of 64 Kennedy, Chinese Coin and Mexican Centavo. Comes with CSB Gaff and regular Chinese Coin, Mexican Centavo and 64 Kennedy Half dollar.

Price $150

Johnson Product Standard


Hopping Halves

This version is custom made with a Heads Kennedy Expanded shell and Heads English Penny expanded shell plus a Sun & Moon set.

Price $65

2 Copper 1 Silver

Show three coins in your left hand; a British Penny, a US Half Dollar, and 20 Centavo.The coins continue to switch places. This is a classic and can be carried with you anywhere. Great to use with spectators.

Price $40




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